Berlin Weißensee

Charlottenburger Str. 23, 23a



The property is a classic renovated old building with a beautiful facade and a new loft. Currently, there are a total of 16 units. The object was purchased in 2014 by the Goldenzeil GmbH. The project consists of two parcels of land. On the front is a 5-storey existing property and on the rear of the property is the construction of new townhouses in planning.


The "Charlotte" project is a contemporary construction of 9 townhouses. Four generous semi-detached houses and five south-facing terraced houses are being built. The three-storeyed residential buildings have a living area of 104-120 m², a private garden area with adjoining terrace as well as a set-up staggered floor with gallery and roof terrace.

The sale of the Town Houses runs and currently is still one unit to purchase.
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